by Elysium Hynes awkarwd SL resident for what seems to long

World Goth Fair Previews, well WGF 2014 starts on the 15th and it´s one of my favourite events all year, and not just because it was one of my first as a blogger, but because it´s another Cursed Event, making me step out of my usual style and have a lot of fun.

So these are a couple of previews for this year, on the first pic some Beautiful Freak eyeliners, on the second a Jalwa WIP for it also.

You might also have noticed i´m wearing my YOU SHRIEK t-shirt from last year whislt my friend Orcsy has on her favourite Abney Park t-shirt, also from last year, fully licensed t-shirts exclusively for the fair and i heard this year we will have hoodies. So stay tuned for more Gothy goodness as the month get´s darker and darker.

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